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July 12 2017

Pencil Portrait
Just another pencil portrait I did to get back into drawing after comic con.

July 09 2017

Care not a Straw
Finally finished this! Large-format black pencil drawing of Lessandero.
As usual the scanner did a number on the shading, it looks much better in the original. But I'm pretty happy with it, the pose and the anatomy worked out mostly and I even got that lighting effect that I was going for almost right.

July 08 2017

Bolt as Brass Coverart

This one's been up on all my other pages for weeks because I did a cover reveal with the pre-orders. I didn't really have time to take care of deviantart for a while there, and since I wasn't expecting any pre-orders here, I kept putting it off - but now the comic is out and the stress has subsided a little bit. So I can finally reveal the final cover art for my comic on here, too!
I'm really happy with it, I think it's one of the best full-body drawing I've done to date and I like the energy. I hope you guys like it, too!

I'm mostly selling my baby on conventions so far, but I will put up a few copies of it on Etsy soon if anyone's interested in buying one but can't make it to my cons. 
I'm of course happy about your interest, so let me know if you want to know more! :3

May 11 2017

Ace Pencil Sketch (daily sketch 121/365)
Another quick coloured pencil sketch I did. This time of Alistair, because it's his birthday today! :heart:
He's got a bit of a Disney face, but I actually like it.

May 09 2017

Sander Pencil portrait (daily sketch 119/365)
Because you cannot have me sit at a table with paper and pencils and expect me not to be obnoxious and draw something.

April 17 2017

hand study V (daily sketch 97/365)
The hands are becoming fewer, but more confident I believe. Definitely quicker.

April 16 2017

hand study IV (daily sketch 96/365)
yadda yadda you know the gist

April 15 2017

hand study III (daily sketch 95/365)
One more warm-up hand study. I'm still not happy with their look but at least my speed is improving lol

April 14 2017

hand study II (daily sketch 94/365)
Another warm-up of hands. Worse than the one from yesterday I think. BLERGH.

April 13 2017

Hand Study (Daily Sketch 93/365)
I hate that after all these years of drawing, I still have such an enormous problem with drawing hand. So I'm gonna do some studies over the next few weeks, I hope that'll help my understanding of hands. I've been through the theory of it a hundred time over, it just won't stick.

April 10 2017

Im Auge Des Sturms WIP (Daily Sketch 89/365)
The work of yesterday's stream! This picture has been lying around since January, it's time I get this done.

March 21 2017

Comic Preview II (Daily Sketch 74-75/365)
I think I'm starting to get the hang of the whole architecture thing a little bit. I can already see that everything's gonna look pretty much the same all the time, but at least it's gonna look decent :D

March 15 2017

Charcoal Portrait Demian (Daily Sketch 65/365)
So I tried something new the other day!
This is a portrait of charcoal (and a little bit of white crayon) on brown paper, roughly 10 x 8 in.
The proportios got a little bit out of hand, as they tend to do for me when I work on large canvases. I like the overall effect though, the charcoal was very interesting to work with, and this is the first time I feel like I have more or less captured Demian's character when trying to draw him realistically. I tried it a bunch of times before, but it always turned out awful.

Demian belongs to me! 

March 14 2017

Bolt as Brass Preview Page (Daily Sketch 69/365)
Inking a comic is not always fun. This page in particular was a pain in the ass. But SO worth it.
If I hadn't fucked up so badly with Demian pose in the third panel, this could have been a perfect page.

I actually didn't want to show off any previews before the comic's done, but I just couldn't hold back with this one.

Obviously references were used for buildings and some of the plants, and perspective is a lil bitch.

Bolt as Brass, Lessandero, Demian (c) SvbwayShayla / nihidea

March 12 2017

On the Road WIP
WIP of the current halfbody of Demian that I'm working on. It's not going very well. I'm not sure why, but I just can't manage to make a decent picture of Demian. ARGH.
His skin tone just doesn't seem to work. I don't know what to do tbh. 
I'm just gonna keep going and hope it becomes decent at some point.

March 07 2017

Daily Sketch 62/365
Another warm-up sheet, finally!

- sketch of a new halfbody of Demian that I want to start today.
- another try at the nymphs... they're gonna be hard to grasp.
- pose sketch, I was trying to convey shyness / nervousness, didn't really work well
- few quick expressions for Dorian

March 06 2017

Ivy Leaves
Finally finished the portrait! I needed to do something a little different to make it stand out, I'm getting tired of all my pictures looking the same. let me know what you think!

Lessandero is my character! :heart:

March 01 2017

[Open] Commission Info

February 28 2017

All the Single Lads (Daily Sketch 56/365)
It's done! :D It's silly, but it was really fun!


Navari, Lessandero and Demian are my characters :heart:
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