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March 21 2017

Comic Preview II (Daily Sketch 74-75/365)
I think I'm starting to get the hang of the whole architecture thing a little bit. I can already see that everything's gonna look pretty much the same all the time, but at least it's gonna look decent :D

March 15 2017

Charcoal Portrait Demian (Daily Sketch 65/365)
So I tried something new the other day!
This is a portrait of charcoal (and a little bit of white crayon) on brown paper, roughly 10 x 8 in.
The proportios got a little bit out of hand, as they tend to do for me when I work on large canvases. I like the overall effect though, the charcoal was very interesting to work with, and this is the first time I feel like I have more or less captured Demian's character when trying to draw him realistically. I tried it a bunch of times before, but it always turned out awful.

Demian belongs to me! 

March 14 2017

Bolt as Brass Preview Page (Daily Sketch 69/365)
Inking a comic is not always fun. This page in particular was a pain in the ass. But SO worth it.
If I hadn't fucked up so badly with Demian pose in the third panel, this could have been a perfect page.

I actually didn't want to show off any previews before the comic's done, but I just couldn't hold back with this one.

Obviously references were used for buildings and some of the plants, and perspective is a lil bitch.

Bolt as Brass, Lessandero, Demian (c) SvbwayShayla / nihidea

March 12 2017

On the Road WIP
WIP of the current halfbody of Demian that I'm working on. It's not going very well. I'm not sure why, but I just can't manage to make a decent picture of Demian. ARGH.
His skin tone just doesn't seem to work. I don't know what to do tbh. 
I'm just gonna keep going and hope it becomes decent at some point.

March 07 2017

Daily Sketch 62/365
Another warm-up sheet, finally!

- sketch of a new halfbody of Demian that I want to start today.
- another try at the nymphs... they're gonna be hard to grasp.
- pose sketch, I was trying to convey shyness / nervousness, didn't really work well
- few quick expressions for Dorian

March 06 2017

Ivy Leaves
Finally finished the portrait! I needed to do something a little different to make it stand out, I'm getting tired of all my pictures looking the same. let me know what you think!

Lessandero is my character! :heart:

March 01 2017

[Open] Commission Info

February 28 2017

All the Single Lads (Daily Sketch 56/365)
It's done! :D It's silly, but it was really fun!


Navari, Lessandero and Demian are my characters :heart:
Useless OC facts
All the Single Lads WIP (Daily Sketch 55/365)
I haven't really been feeling like drawing lately, especially since I've been so busy... I haven't really been having fun working on any of my projects, so today, to motivate myself, I decided to do something fun and silly.

This was obviously inspired by Beyoncé's Single Ladies video, here's the reference I used:…
The idea to do a dancing video came from one of my fave songs right now, Blowing of Steam by Abney Park.

This is still gonna receive some rough shading and lighting, but for now I need to go to bed. This was so fun though!

Navari, Lessandero and Demian are my characters!

February 20 2017

Digital Portrait WIP II (Daily Sketch 50-51/365)
More progress! It's getting somewhere, though it still needs quite a lot of polishing. I'm not really happy with the expression and the eyes still seem kind of lopsided.. just a bit off. And there's a lot of small things left to fix.
I just need to be patient about it.

February 18 2017

Digital Portrait WIP (Daily Sketch 49/365)
Today's project: a digital portrait rendered in great detail in a way that I haven't really attempted so far. Still a lot of work left on this but I rather like it so far. I don't think I've ever managed to render a nose so well before :D

February 14 2017

Daily Sketch 39/365
A quick pencil portrait of my OC Alistair I made in class. Got a few issues, but it was just s quick sketch.

February 12 2017

In This Together WIP
Just a quick update on how this picture is going - Demian still needs a lot of work, but I'm actually pretty happy with how Lessandero looks so far. Also look at those mad background sketching skills :D

February 02 2017

In This Together Lineart (Daily Sketch 31-33/365)
Finally got this to a decent shape! 

I was just so intrigued with the idea of Lessandero falling asleep on Demian's shoulder and Demian acting like it's the greatest inconvenience ever rather than an actual dream come true. These two are so adorable.

Day 31 was the sketch of this, 32 and 33 the lineart. It took me a bit longer than usual because I have some issues concentrating on drawing lately... or on anything really..

February 01 2017

Daily Sketch 28-29/365
New picture of wanted to draw a fullbody of him anyway, and felt like drawing something a little saucy, and really Chaos is always the best subject matter for saucy pictures.
So the sketch on this was 28, the lineart 29.
Started the colour for Jan 30, but it's not yet ready to show off ^^''
Daily Sketch 26/365
Still trying to figure out Demian - I still haven't quite pegged him... I tried to do a couple sketches to lern more about him and the first one's alright, but the second... I just don't know how to draw his hair from the side, it's impossible.

January 25 2017

Chaos New Design Colour (Daily Sketch 25/865)
Coloured the new design of Chaos that I started the other day. I did this all today, it was really quick! It's still not perfect, but good enough for now.

I'm SO into this design and into the whole concept of the Falcas.

THE FALCAS are an original species in my comic.
They evolved from elves thousands of years ago, when the Screaming Volcano had its last big eruption on Eistros. 
The ash and smoke darkened the sky and blocked out the sun and polluted the air, so a lot of the creatures living in Eistros at the time died or emigrated to other continents. 
The Falcas were the only ones who remained by adapting to the circumstances. 
Their bodies learned to process the toxic chemicals and heavy metals dissolved in the air learned to integrate them as natural protection and ornament. Thus their skin turned various shades of ashen and grey, the metals deposited in patterns on their skin, the heavy metals as hardened, protective shells and the precious metals as shining embellishments. Their cornea hardened and darkened against the tough conditions and their eyes became more sensitive to adapt to the darker surroundings in the everlasting winter. 
The Falcas migrated to the very Southeast of the continent, to the Scarlet Valley, the furthest away they could get from the Screaming Voldano, where the ashes were the least thick, and they learned to farm the dry land in the valley despite the adverse conditions and lived off everything the could scrounge up. They finally had the continent to themselves when all other races gave up in the face of the catastrophy, and they did well for themselves. But soon after the ashes dissipated after a few centuries, the other peoples returned from the other continents and reclaimed their places, so the Falcas mostly stayed in the Scarlet Valley, their home now, and the only place where the other races wouldn't bother them because they didn't know how to farm the land there. By now, almost three thousand years later, after the rise of the half-elves and their empire, some Falcas have spread throughout the continent and especially the capital Lya Anorel has a considerable population of them, but the vast majority of them still lives in the Scarlet Valley.
The Falcas have a very strong community amongst themselves but regard other species with a fair amount of suspicion.
They usually have little to no body hair growth, a rather narrow face and nose. The metal deposits in their skin are different for each individual, the shiny precious metal deposits are a sign of status and beauty, though, so because in modern times the air does not contain as many metals as it used to, a lot of young Falcas tend to steal or buy precious metals and eat them or grind them up into a fine dust and inhale them to enhance their deposits. 

January 24 2017

Chaos New Design Lineart (Daily Sketch 24/365)
Chaos, like Navari, is a Falcas, and ever since I gave Navari that makeover a while back when I gave the Falcas a new backstory to make them more distinct from the tieflings in D&D, I kept putting off making a new design for Chaos as well. I really like Chaos, and I've always really liked his design too... 
but yesterday when I was doodling and trying to think of something to draw, I figured it might be time. And I'm actually a big fan of the new design, too. I like the idea of making him like a wispy, pale goth-like kink/fetishist. I mean, he's always been a kink, but I like the idea of making him look the part.
I fleshed out yesterday's sketch and am gonna colour it soon to get a feeling of his skin tone and skin markings.
Daily Sketch 23/365
Few quick sketches and a first try at the new design for Drassilis.
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