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Listen I
So, when Victor and Alistair first meet, Alistair isn’t entirely sure why he even hangs out with this guy. He’s brash and kinda rude and seems to think a lot of himself, but apparently he’s taken a shine to Alistair and keeps inviting him to stuff and Alistair can’t very well decline invitations from someone of his position.

But then comes the day when Victor invites him to his flat because they got to talking about fencing and about his rapiers and maybe showing him his collection really was just supposed to be an excuse, but for the first time, with no one else being around, they get to talking seriously, earnestly, and for once Victor doesn’t make any rude remarks and for once not everything out of his mouth is sarcastic. And for once, Alistair gets to see Victor’s intelligence and his remarkable eloquence, and his subtle wit, and he is stunned. It doesn’t last of course: by the time they go out for lunch and Finlay joins them, it’s all neatly tucked away again under a layer of frivolity. But now Alistair knows why he hangs out with this guy.

Corresponding piece!

This was really only meant to be a quick in between sketch, but now it took me four days... ah well, I like it.

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