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October 08 2017

Inktober Day 8: Crooked
So.... I tried a bunch of new things today and none of them worked so.... sorry, you get a shitty picture today.
Honestly, the Kestral is the only thing about this picture that I don't hate.

please buy some commissions. anything.

October 07 2017

Inktober Day 7 - Silhouette
Most of the time, I have no idea what I'm doing during Inktober until I begin.
I'm not sure if it's at all discernible what this is supposed to be, but I like the way it looks.

October 06 2017

Inktober Day 6 - Sword
"Wie das Schwert meiner Gedanken, das im Nacken, stets bereit, mich von jedes Menschen Nähe, jeder Freundschaft leis entzweit."

This beautiful quote from Samsas Traum was the basis for this image. I cannot translate it well, but the gist of it is this: "Like the sword of my thoughts that is at my neck at all times, prepared to quietly cut me off from any person's warmth, from any friendship". Inspired by this quote and the rest of the song ("Wann sind wir daheim?"), I wanted to make a picture to represent a feeling of unraveling, of inner demons and nightmares, and this is what I came up with.
Day 5 - Swevendusts
I knew I was gonna do a picture of these two sooner or later in Inktober. So here it is, sooner rather than later :)

I still hate that damn marker.

October 04 2017

Inktober Day 4: Underwater
Today's Inktober pic is a try at a panel that will be in Bolt as Brass Vol. 2! When I read the prompt I knew instantly this was what I'd do - I'm so excited for when I get to draw the real thing :D
Also I think that's the first time I've used that grey brush marker and not hated the result :D Because it tends to go SO streaky...

October 03 2017

Day 3: Poison
The second I realized, I could draw young Everington, I really wanted to draw young Everington. 
I'm not very good at drawing people in ink with shading/cross-hatching, but I'm trying to improve so I'm trying to do it more often.

Also I need new markers, my two smaller ones are empty and now I only have the really big one...


October 02 2017

Day 2 - Divided
Day 2 of Inktober - something simple today because I don't have that much time for drawing. 
I liked the idea tho and I like how it turned out.

October 01 2017

Inktober Day 1: Das Messer
"Zwischen deine Schulterblätter / passt ein Messer und ein Kuss..."

First day of Inktober has me doing something WAY OUT THERE. Crikey, so much nakedness. It's a redraw to an old favourite song of mine that I've done a picture for about... idk... ten years ago? I'll see if I still have it somewhere and I might do a comparison.

I found it, and it's indeed 10 years old, it's got a date on it. Here it is:

September 30 2017

Try at Realism
I wanted to try and see how realistic I can work in large scale... this here is one page in my sketchbook, and I worked with this picture in roughly 1:1 scale:
He's looking a bit cross-eyes and not all the details are right, but overall I'm fairly pleased...

September 27 2017

Head Down
"This is not my face / and this is not my life / and there is not a single thing here I can recognize. / This is all a dream / and none of you are real / I'll give anything /I'll give anything."

Nine Inch Nails just gets me. And nothing calms me down quite like drawing Victor's hair.

September 25 2017

reference is here:…
I am still incapable of drawing a decent kiss picture without reference.
felt like doing something cute and comfortable today.

September 24 2017

Navari Sketch
my new scanner is really good and all but it's a scroll feed one which means I can no longer scan my sketchbook sketches. ANNOYING. So here, have a heavily tampered with photograph.

September 23 2017

Grunge Demian
Another prompt from tumblr: Demian in 90's clothes! And honest to fuck, I've never known another character who would be so hard into grunge, if only he knew what grunge was.

September 22 2017

This is War
I really felt like drawing Victor with his long hair today, and so I did this in order to try out a bunch of new things. I tried to recreate the pose and expression of this old picture: because it’s still one of my favourite depictions of Victor. I gave the fencing clothes a spin in colour, and I got to test out that fancy technique for drawing blood that I found. I still have no idea how blood behaves on fabric, but I think it looks ok for now. 

September 20 2017

Naughty or Nice.
I regret nothing. I am not even a little bit ashamed.

Did this for the OC challenge on tumblr: prompt was to draw a character in an ugly christmas sweater. enjoy.

September 19 2017

Alistair in Formalwear
I'm doing an OC drawing challenge over at, and this was the first result :heart:
If you'd like come and hit me up with some more requests :):)

September 18 2017

Kilnaes Colour
Here he is, Kilnaes, the Traveler, the Kind One, the Bringer of Rain, Guardian of the Half-Elves.

Unfortunately, the scanner effed up the colours D:

September 17 2017

Kilnaes Ink
So here's the portrait of Kilnaes finally.

September 14 2017

Draw this Again Meme Lessandero
A comparison of the original image from 2015 (Here: and the new image from 2017 (here:

Here's the blank template:…
A Storm is Coming 2017
It's been over two years since I conceived of Lessandero, I wanted t see how far I've come. 
I'm a little bit proud.

Here's the original image from 2015:
And here's the comparison:
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