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July 21 2018

Tumblr Prompt
I got a prompt to draw Navari " As they just found out they’re going to have a baby! How do they react?”

Well, here you are.
Sapphic Navari is not amused. This thing that is happening is impossible.

July 16 2018

Crystal Bug
Little sketch I did tonight :) Lessandero's face doesn't look right, but other than that I really like how it turned out.

July 11 2018

Meet the Foucan - a fantasy creature from my comic BOLT AS BRASS, a mixture of a fox and a toucan :D

June 29 2018

Pansexual Pride - Victor
Aaaand that's the final Pride illustration done! Just in time for the end of the month.
Victor was hard - how do you authentically stick a dramatic goth boy into pink, yellow and baby blue clothes? Answer: You don't.
This is the most colourful that I could get away with... sorry!

June 23 2018

Asexual Pride - Alistair
Pride Illustration no 4! Ace Ace ;)

June 21 2018

Genderqueer Pride - Navari
My third Pride illustration - for Navari, my genderqueer baby.
Though Genderqueer doesn't quite cut it - but it was the best fit. In her universe, in the story of Bolt as Brass, she identifies as one of the Lekhi, the third gender / outside the gender binary identity of the Falcas.

June 18 2018

"You with the broken wings / you, the sinner / you, the patron saint of self-inflicted pity / In search of the pieces you lost when you fell apart / Suffer the children who like you knew no better / Mistakes and abuses, scars, wounds and bruises / Close your eyes, close your eyes."

BLERGH. I really liked the lineart on this one, but the colour turned out AWFUL. I tried to fix it with a bit of digital editing, but it's hopeless. I might have to recolor it digitally sometime.

June 11 2018

Demisexual Pride - Demian
I swear, I didn't call him Demian for that reason :'D 

Here's the second piece in my Pride series. One I personally identify with, and one I am very happy with, too. I love the pose, I love the clothes, I love how his glaive turned out that I designed for the first time here.
And I love Demian. SO MUCH.

p.s. yes those are knitted wool cuffs. He gets cold. Sue me.

June 10 2018

Aromantic Pride - Lessandero
Hello everyone and happy Pride month! 
This month I'm doing a series of pride pieces with my OCs!
Here's the first one, many more will hopefully follow.

Lots of love to all aromantic beans out there!

May 28 2018

Foot Rest
Part two of the series, part one: the inspiration post:…

May 27 2018

There's this post on tumblr (…) that just totally reminded me of Lessandero and Demian, so I did a couple of sketches inspired by it.
This is the first of the two.

May 10 2018

Demian - Hero
"I'm the hero of the story / don't need to be saved."

It's finally done and I'm SOOOO happy! It's defo the best portrait I've ever done, at least in terms of realism. And it's Demian! And it looks decent! I never manage to draw Demian right.
I used a ref [… for the lighting and colours and a bit of the face, but I changed most of the facial features to look more like Demian. All in all I would say this took me about 8-10 hours? I didn't exactly keep track.

What do you think? I hope you love it as much as I doooo!!! 

April 22 2018

Figure Drawing #2
Some more figure studies.
Figure Drawing
I've been doing some figure drawing practice, in order to improve my anatomy knowledge.

April 16 2018

sausage dot jpg
Just a silly little doodle I did tonight. I wanted to draw Lessandero! Here he is, with a sausage in his hand. Because of reasons.

April 15 2018

Navari Portrait
This was long overdue - finally a decent realistic portrait of Navari. Very happy with this. The Falcas with their bright eyes and their metallic skin markings particularly lend themselves to the colour-accent approach. 

April 11 2018

This did not work out as I wanted... I had a certain image in mind of the scarf as a sort of wispy... blank in the picture. IDK. Maybe I'll try again sometime.

April 04 2018

Somewhere Out There
"Somewhere out there waiting / is a place where I'll now peace / calling out and beckoning / be I a poor man or a king"

:heart::heart::heart: So pretty, my tempest boy.

April 03 2018

Well... I was trying something.

April 01 2018

Laugh, Tempest Boy.
Finally one that I'm really happy with! I so rarely dare to attempt strong emotions in my portraits, because it's so hard. But I'm really happy with how this one turned out.
I just love seeing my boy laugh, it makes me so happy :3
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