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March 31 2018

Aren't I creative with my titles? :D
Another drawing of Victor, with the help of the lovely photos of the amazing Aurelien Muller

March 30 2018

Sorry for the silence around here!
I've been away, but I've got lots of new drawing to show for it, which I will upload over the next few days ^__^

This one here... didn't go quite right. I thin it's the nose. It's too big. The eyes also aren't quite right.

March 14 2018

"You know I still got my one good arm // that I can beat // I can beat myself up with"

Here we finally are, after 6 weeks! I gotta admit it took me rather longish to finish the background because I was getting bored :D Using the same 8 colours over and over is bound to get a little dull...
But it's done! I'm happy :)

March 07 2018

Background Challenge Day 4: Isolated Swamp
The Invisible Vales are inhabited by none but the Nescani. For a long time, the Nescani kept themselves hidden deep in the unpenetrable swamps, protected from prying eyes by the natural trickery of their surroundings and the dangerous wildlife that roams in them. Only recently has this species been rediscovered - this strange species fabled to be the holders of ancient memories and deep wisdom. For millenia has the Nescani language been the language of scholars and historians, the language in which all significant historical texts were written - now is the time to rediscover the people that wrote them down way before Humans and Eyrean ever set foot on this land, before Falcas and Dwarves even existed.

I don't even know what to say except !!!!!!!!!!
I mean can we talk about that bridge for a hot second. Damn.

March 04 2018

Background Challenge Day 2 - A Wizard's Room
Here's Day two - the prompt was "A Witch's/Wizard's Room", so I made this little illustration of a character called Egaeus whom you will meet later on ;)
This was so much fun! I put a lot of thought into how his species would live, and then also how he personally would live because of his personality, and I paid a lot of attention to textures, both visible and touchable, just as I learned from that Background book from Betsy Luntao.

I had lots of fun with this and am really happy with the result! :heart:

March 03 2018

BG Challenge Day 1: Your Own Room
This month, I am doing a little art challenge - the 30 Day Background challenge by Karina Rehrbehn - found here on tumblr:…

I am going to use this challenge to practice my background skills and to develop the worldbuilding for my Comic Bolt as Brass - that's why I will apply the prompts to that world whenever possible.
This is Day 1 - The Prompt was "Your Own Room", which I took to mean my protagonists room in this case.
It's good because that is fairly straightforward and simple - and the complicated things are coming soon enough, so never fret ;)

I hope you like it!

February 28 2018

asfjhjg. So Purdy.

Cecil Midwinter, new and possibly upcoming DnD character. What class is he? Beats me.

February 24 2018

Inside Your Heart
"you're keeping in step in the line / got your chin held high and you feel just fine / cause you do what you're told / but inside your heart it is black and it's hollow and it's cold."

More NIN. Whatcha gonna do about it? Ah, but look at that ice cold gaze on my ace of hearts.

February 23 2018

Gave Up
"Smashed up my sanity / smashed up integrity / smashed up what I believed in / smashed up what's left of me / smashed up my everything / smashed up all that was true / gonna smash myself to pieces / I don't know what else to do"

Can you tell I'm obsessed with NIN lately? Though TBH I didn't get the picture idea from the lyrics - I had the picture idea first, and then NIN happened to have the perfect lyrics to go with it - as always.

February 20 2018

Roll the Dice
EH. I don#t know why I never get Demian's face right after all this time. BLERGH.

February 19 2018

The Nameless One
Ah, the artist formerly known as Chaos still doesn't have a new name. He's one of my favourites right now, but I simply cannot come up with a name that fits him D:
I still really like Yoav, like his AU counterpart, but it doesn't go with the typical names of his species... 

February 18 2018

Thank you so much!
Oh man, this is so late, I'm sorry you guys!
I made this a couple of months ago, when I first reached 100 watchers, but I never found time to scan it and upload it.
So here you go!
Thanks for your loyalty and your support, especially those of you who I always see around in my notifications!
You guys are the best and I'm so thankful :heart: If it weren't for you, I'm sure I would have long since given up all this.

So thank you! I really appreciate each and every one of you!

February 16 2018

"Adore, adore, bow down before / bow down before, adore, adore / a star is born, you start to fall / down on your knees and adore me." - Yoav, Adore adore

My new beautiful eladrin bard... I am so pleased with how this turned out.

February 15 2018

More Hand Studies II
The last few days' studies didn't go so well, so I pasted together the best hands of the last three days to make one decent batch of hands. There you go.

February 11 2018

More Hand Studies
I'm doing studies again - the next few weeks I will begin my art day with warm ups in hands, anatomy and expressions.
Here's the first batch of hands! Enjoy!

references from

February 09 2018

Honestly, my shipper heart is outta control. I need to stop this. This is not meant to happen.

Lately I've been experimenting with drawing Lessandero and especially Demian when they're older. I don't have a lot of practice with Demain yet, but that's why I'm doing this.
But somehow, this keeps happening. Keep it in your pants, guys. And Lessandero, for god's sake, remember that you're straight. And aromantic. Sheesh.

January 29 2018

Mastering the Art of Self-Deceit
"Don't ever show that you are weak // just another round so they don't know you're broken." - Disco Ensemble

Still experimenting with my markers! The blood actually worked surprisingly well, even if everything else is still kind of a catastrophe.

January 27 2018

Hunter Benedict Compton
My new D&D character Hunter, a human fighter ready for his gothic adventure in Ravenloft.

January 15 2018

Fighting Stance
So this is pretty much all I could do the last week. I haven't been doing so well and so I couldn't find a lot of motivation to draw. This one was actually from a prompt of an OC meme on tumblr, where someone asked me to draw Victor in a fighting stance. It's pretty boring and static, but as I said, I couldn't really manage anything more.


January 09 2018

Listen II
So, when Victor and Alistair first meet, Alistair isn’t entirely sure why he even hangs out with this guy. He’s brash and kinda rude and seems to think a lot of himself, but apparently he’s taken a shine to Alistair and keeps inviting him to stuff and Alistair can’t very well decline invitations from someone of his position. 

But then comes the day when Victor invites him to his flat because they got to talking about fencing and about his rapiers and maybe showing him his collection really was just supposed to be an excuse, but for the first time, with no one else being around, they get to talking seriously, earnestly, and for once Victor doesn’t make any rude remarks and for once not everything out of his mouth is sarcastic. And for once, Alistair gets to see Victor’s intelligence and his remarkable eloquence, and his subtle wit, and he is stunned. It doesn’t last of course: by the time they go out for lunch and Finlay joins them, it’s all neatly tucked away again under a layer of frivolity. But now Alistair knows why he hangs out with this guy.

Corresponding piece!:

This was really only meant to be a quick in between sketch, but now it took me four days... ah well, I like it.
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